Sherwood Art Week
a week long festival of Art and Craft in Sherwood, Nottingham


-Sherwood Art Week Community Gallery 2020

Sherwood Art Week, as we know will not be going ahead this year but inspired by all the lovely rainbow art, we would like to invite you to turn Sherwood into a community art gallery for the week.  

'Art for Everyone' is the core ethos of SAW and we have a great community here in Sherwood who we KNOW is creative.

Get out your paints, pencils, fabric or whatever your favourite medium is and over the next week, create something to display in your window or front garden.

Display your work from Saturday June 20th until 27th.  Let everyone know you are part of Sherwood Art Week Community Gallery, by printing off our ‘Art in Homes’ leaflet (see below), or pick one up from Sherwood Food Exchange (near the Sherwood Business Centre on the corner of Winchester Street, available soon) to display with your work.   

Let us know via Facebook Messenger or SAWcoregroup@gmail.com what street you live on and we will try and let everyone know where they can view the gallery while on their daily walk.

#Artforeveryone #SAW2020AIH

The Secret Garden Craft Fair
- starts the week off on the first Saturday in the United Reformed Church
Art in Shops

Dozens of shops along Mansfield Road from Edwards Lane down to Burnham Street and just a little way down Haydn Road offer space in their windows for artists to display their work. It makes for a lovely walk, and you never know, you might just see the perfect piece for your collection!

Green Emporium - Charlotte Hills
several exhibitions liven up the end of the Shewood Art Week where you can peruse and buy
picture of wood carved items
You can join in!

Do you enjoy SAW?
Would you like to make it better?

You can participate as an Artist or crafter and display and/or sell your work.

You can volunteer:
- to help organise the week by joining a planning group.
- to help to put things up, take things down or tidy up after and event.
- to be a steward.

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