Terms & Conditions: Craft Fairs

Craft Fairs

Our Craft Fairs have a reputation for local, quality handmade products.  Due to high demand for stalls, makers will be selected using the following criteria:

  • Original crafts, made by the stallholder.
  • the stallholder lives or has their workshop:
    1) within NG5
    2) within Nottingham
    3) within Nottinghamshire
  • To ensure a balance and variety of crafts on offer.

If the stall holder does not submit payment by the due date the offer will be forfeited and stall will be re-allocated to another artist/maker.


Other Requirements

  1. Anything hazardous and a risk to safety will not be accepted - the organisers reserve the right to make the final decision in the event of a dispute.
  2. You will be expected to provide your own table, not more than 6' wide, and if possible your own gazebo.
  3. Your work should be clearly priced.
  4. You are responsible for setting up your own stall and helping others to set up their stalls where possible.
  5. On the Friday before the Fair, the framework of the garden stalls will be erected and Gazebos can be erected and left overnight in the garden at URC – weather permitting.
    Your help would be very much appreciated.
  6. There is NO parking on-site.
  7. Setting up of stalls allocated indoors may be possible on the Friday evening before the fair, depending on availability of the venue.
  8. At the Secret Garden Craft Fair, on the Saturday, there will be two distinct 'setting-up' times - the earlier time will be allocated to those on stands further into the premises.
    These times must be adhered to in order to ease flow through the grounds and allow access at all times to the bungalows behind.
  9. Secret Garden Craft Fair or Courtyard Craft Fair stallholders must take down their stall at the end of the day (whether it is your own gazebo or a SAW market Stall).
  10. You must take away all rubbish from your stand.
  11. Insurance for your work will be your responsibility.



You are expected to comply with current legislation regarding the selling of the following; food, toys, items that look like toys, candles, home fragrancing and cosmetics.  Required labelling and safety notifications, along with food hygiene assessments, where applicable, will be checked.

Food:  Clear ingredients list on labels, as well as weights & measures.  Any allergens (e.g. nuts) labelled in bold.  Food hygiene assessments should also be in place.

Toys or items that look like they may be toys:  must either clearly state that it is NOT a toy, or be CE tested.  

Candles and home fragrancing:  safety notifications should be present on all products (e.g., do not leave a burning candle unattended, etc.)

Cosmetics (including soap and bath products):  must be assessed for human safety by a qualified pharmacist, correctly labelled with a full ingredients list, and registered on the EU Portal for cosmetics (which is accessible by all health professionals across Europe, in case of adverse reaction).  Please could you provide us a copy of the front sheet of the safety assessment.  Your labelling will be checked on the day.