Terms and Conditions: Sales Policy



If a visitor expresses an interest in buying artwork, the invigilator will note down the buyer's contact details, make a note of the potential sale of the item on the artists’ info sheet and inform the artist by telephone immediately.  A red dot denoting a sold item will be displayed once the item is confirmed sold by the artist.

Buyers will be asked to collect and pay for the work by arrangement with the artist, either as the exhibition is brought down or at a mutually convenient time. Payment will be exchanged with the artist on collection of the work. SAW will not take monies. 

Art in the Shops:

During the Art Week, art will be displayed in shop windows on Mansfield Rd. Artists can display prices alongside their work; and if a potential buyer approaches the shop to buy the work they will be asked to contact the artist directly to arrange the sale.  Art work cannot be removed from windows before the end of the week when all the work will removed.